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HMM4104 – Research Design and Qualitative Methods

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Course content

The course will prepare the students in writing their thesis. Shortly the course will address basic concepts and methods in science, with particular emphasis on the study of health economics, policy and health systems. A substantial part of the course will be assigned at how to write a thesis.
Specific subjects
• What is science and the identification and formulation of research questions
• Quantitative research design and methods, included
- Basic concepts and approach
- Use of register data
- Epidemiological research
- Survey methods
- Fallacies, validity and reliability
• Qualitative research and methods, included
- Various methods
- Reliability and validity
- Adequate data for the specific questions
• Similarity between quantitative and qualitative methods
- The critique of quantitative and qualitative research
• Research ethics, included
- The role of regional ethical committees
- Use of references
- Informed consent

Learning outcome

The course will qualify the students to perform empirical and theoretical studies on the health care. In particular, the course will
• enable students to conduct independent scientific investigations of a broad spectrum of issues linked to health care, based on a specter of research methods
• enable students to assess existing research in a critical and independent manner.
• choose a method that will be suited for the formulated research question
• develop students’ ability to discuss a defined methodological issue in a systematic manner
• enable student to understand and deal with ethical issues in science and specially in health care research
• enable students to write a scientific report


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Written exam, 4 hours. A qualification test has to be passed before the exam.

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