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SOS4401 – Culture, Gender and Sexuality

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The seminar will introduce the new sociology of sexuality and central authors as Foucault, Gagnon, Giddens, and Laqueur. Further, we will work with queer theory and new research on homosexuality, as well as new research on sexuality and the Internet, prostitution and sexual subcultures.

Learning outcome

The new sociology of sexuality has a two-fold aim: Firstly to demonstrate how the social shapes the sexual. Secondly to analyze how the sexual in turn becomes a focal point for the construction of gender, personal identity and citizenship.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

Graduate students in sociology, according to prior agreement.

Recommended previous knowledge

Admission to the master program or 2-3 years of completed studies in the social sciences.


The teaching consists of lectures and seminars. There will be 10 seminars over 5 weeks, in which lecturing and student activity is combined. The students have the right to one hour guidance for the essay including the teacher’s preparation for the guidance. (semesteroppgaven) The course is designed for both Norwegian students and students on exchange programmes or bilateral agreements.


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Autumn semester 2004


Autumn semester 2004

Teaching language

English if requested by minimum 3 persons, otherwise Norwegian