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SOS9007 – How to publish in high–level international journals

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Most Ph.D. students now compose their theses as a collection of research articles published in peer-reviewed international journals. This one-day PhD course is structured as a seminar where we introduce this field and give practical advice.

We first give an outline of the structure of the international system of journals; give a brief introduction as how to use Web of Science in an optimal way - to identify journals that may be particularly suited for your own research. Moreover, we show how the reception history of key articles may be tracked, and how it may be useful in your own work. We define and discuss the complex concept “impact factor”.  

 Next, we go in more detail with regard to the optimal composition of an article, centering on the basic idea that the paper has to contain “a story”: What should the Abstract contain? How should the Introduction be structured? What kind of style should be used when presenting your Research problem? What should the Methods section contain - in different genres and disciplines? How to present your Findings and what is the best way to sum up in the Discussion? We also outline how the review-process typically is organized, and give suggestions as to how to respond in a “revise and resubmit” situation.   

Third, we discuss a maximum of four concrete papers, and give advice to what journal to select and how to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome.   

The course is held by Professor Willy Pedersen from the Department of Sociology and Human Geography.

Learning outcome

The main outcomes will be more knowledge about such publication processes and better chance of being accepted in good journals.


All Ph.D. students at the University of Oslo can apply, but candidates at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography have first priority to take the course. The registration deadline is four weeks before the course starts in each semester.

The capacity is maximum 10 participants on this course. We take in the first ten applicants who register via nettskjema (no registration via Studentweb to this course). Note that we do not operate with waiting lists!


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Participants must be enrolled in a Ph.D. programme at the University of Oslo.

Overlapping courses

This course may overlap with the Faculty of Social Sciences' new mandatory generic course (SV9107 International Publishing). In case of overlap, this course cannot be used in the study plan of Ph.D.-students at the Faculty of Social Sciences who started after July 2018.


1 credits overlap with SGO9007 - How to publish in high–level international journals


Lectures, exercises and comments on paper drafts. We need a maximum of four drafts of papers. Those who send in papers are prioritized. All participants must comment on papers, and we will also use other exercises during the course. 

The reading list is going to be sent out prior the course.


In order to obtain 1 ECTS you must be prepared for the course by reading both the required literature and the papers sent in by other participants. It is also required to be an active participant on the course.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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Spring and autumn


Spring and autumn

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)