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PECOS4004 – Trial lecture

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Please note that PECOS4004 is a part of the "old" PECOS structure. Students who started Autumn 2011 will not be admitted to this course.

In this trial lecture you will present the content of your master's thesis. You will present your research question, choice of research design and method and your theoretical perspective. You will also present the main conclusions of your thesis. The lecture will last for 20 minutes. You may use technical aids such as PowerPoint during the lecture.

The audience for your lecture will come from disciplines other than your own. You must therefore strive to present your thesis in a manner that can be understood by everyone, regardless of their disciplinary background. Avoid unnecessary technical jargon and explain what you mean by words and expressions that may be difficult to understand for those who do not share your academic background.

The trial lecture shall be held at the end of the semester in which you submit your master's thesis, which is normally at the end of the fourth semester. Under normal circumstances you should hold this trial lecture after you have submitted your thesis for assessment but before you have taken your oral examination and received your grade. The date for the trial lecture will be set a few weeks before the submission deadline for the master’s thesis and will be announced on Fronter.

Learning outcome

Through working on the trial lecture, you will learn to convey to a wider audience a theme about which you have acquired considerable knowledge. You will learn to convey ideas and information in a lucid, systematic and instructive manner to an audience that is not necessarily familiar with the field of study in which you are working.


The course is restricted to students that are enrolled in the "old structure" of the Peace and Conflict Studies programme.

You must have submitted your master's thesis (PECOS4091 or PECOS4090)for assessment before you may attend this course.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

No obligatory prerequisites beyond the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway.


This course will be taught at The University of Oslo, Blindern campus. Other location in Oslo may be used. Fronter will normally be used.

The course is part of the regular course provision at The Faculty of Social Science. Teaching is mainly held during daytime. Detailed course-information is found on the Webpage for the current semester.


In order to pass this course, you must demonstrate your ability to convey ideas and information in a lucid and systematic manner.

The Faculty of Social Science is responsible for the exam(s), and exam(s) are/is normally held at The University of Oslo, Blindern campus. Other locations in Oslo may be used.

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Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

Examination results are available in StudentWeb within three weeks after the examination-date, if no other information is given on the Webpage for the current semester.

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Application-forms for special examination arrangements on school-exams may be sent to The Faculty of Social Science.  Application-forms for special examination arrangements on other exams may be sent to the institute who organise the course.


This course is evaluated half way through every semester and every four year the course undergoes a thorough evaluation.

An external auditor regularly evaluates the academic quality of the course and he/she makes a written report every year.

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