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PECOS4005 – Design Seminar

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Please note that PECOS4005 is an "old" course. Students who had their first semester Autumn 2011 shall take the new PECOS4080 Design seminar (10 credits) in the Autumn semester 2012

Participation in the design seminar is compulsory for those students in the PECOS programme who follow the political science track. You must be assigned a supervisor before you can participate.

The design seminar should normally be taken in the third semester.

Each participant should present an outline of his/her master's thesis and serve as an opponent for at least one other student’s outline. The seminar leader will decide whether the outlines can be approved. The seminar leader may consult with the supervisor before the outline is approved or not approved.

The outline must be between 5 to 6 pages. The outline must contain the following points:

1. Brief background
2. A review of directly relevant literature, for the purpose of identifying knowledge gaps.
3. Research question
4. Method
5. Disposition for the thesis

The outline must be made available to the seminar participants at least two full working days before the seminar is due to be held.

All participants must submit a revision memo after the seminar. This memo should be approximately 2 pages and summarize the main comments you got on your outline, as well as your thoughts on how you can deal with the points that were raised during the discussion. Participants may also be asked to submit a full revised, improved outline or supplementary comments if the outline presented in the seminar has serious deficiencies.

Learning outcome

Through working on the outline and participating in the seminar, you will further develop your ability to plan and complete a large academic work. In addition, you will develop your ability to formulate a researchable problem and assess how the choice of research question influences your choice of method.

You will also develop your ability to give an oral presentation of your thoughts and ideas and further develop your ability to give as well as receive oral, constructive criticism.


The course is restricted to students that follows the political science track at the Peace and Conflict Studies programme.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

No obligatory prerequisites beyond the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway.


The course comprises a series of seminars, each lasting 2 x 45 minutes. The number of seminars will depend on the number of students attending the course. We will devote 45 minutes to each student’s outline.


For the design seminar to be approved the following requirements must be met:

  • You must have attended and participated actively in the seminar for 2/3 of the course.
  • You must have presented your own outline and had it approved.
  • You must have served as an opponent for at least one other student’s outline.

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Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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