STV4324B - The Politics of Poverty, Autumn 2014

Answer Question 1 or Question 2


Question 1


  1. Define three development ‘buzzwords’ you consider important in the global fight against poverty. (20%)
  2. Discuss four major objections to Singer´s argument on famine, affluence and morality. (20%)
  3. Amartya Sen claims that democracy has universal value. Critically discuss the role of democracies in poverty reduction in light of Sen’s argument. Use examples. (60 %)



Question 2


  1. Define ‘famine’ and distinguish it from ‘malnutrition’ and ‘starvation’. (20%)
  2. Discuss four main factors that explain Uganda’s success in reducing HIV/AIDs prevalence rates. (20%)
  3. ‘Emerging countries’ are re-shaping the architecture of development aid. Critically discuss China’s growing role in Africa and how the Chinese model is similar to, and differs from, the Western model of development aid. Use examples to illustrate your argument.  (60 %)
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