STV4324B - The Politics of Poverty, Autumn 2015

Answer Question 1 or Question 2


Question 1


  1. Define ‘food security’ and distinguish it from ‘malnutrition’, ‘starvation’ and ‘famine’. (10%)
  2. Discuss how conventional definitions of poverty differ from participatory approaches to understanding poverty. (30%)
  3. How do Chinese strategies differ from Western practices in providing aid? Critically discuss the future of foreign aid in light of the impact of Chinese aid to Africa. Use examples to illustrate your argument. (60%)



Question 2


  1. What is “human development” and what are the components of a Human Development Index? (10%)
  2. Discuss the major approaches in defining and understanding corruption. Examine thereafter the impact of corruption on development and poverty reduction. (30%).
  3. Identify the main features of a human rights-based approach to development (HRBA) and thereafter critically examine the conditions under which a focus on human rights can be useful in fighting poverty at local, national and global levels. Use examples to illustrate your argument. (60%)
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