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STV4330 – Designseminar: Politics and Development

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This course will not be offered after the spring semester 2013.

STV4330 is a special design seminar on thesis writing and related field studies concerning politics and development. The design seminar provides an opportunity for students to present and discuss their research design with fellow students

Learning outcome

This course is to guide students in formulating a minor research project in the field of politics and development. The initial focus is the specification of the problem and research questions (and, when applicable, hypotheses) in relation the the relevant academic and public discourse and the possible empirical sources. This is followed up with the issues of research design and methods and the more precise search for relevant sources, including interviews in the field. A major concern is to communicate how political scientists can plan and implement field studies.

More practically, the students shall learn how to plan and implement a master-thesis in the sub-field of politics and development. This calls for both theoretical and often comparative perspectives but also contextual studies in the field. This typically implies the drawing on a wide variety of sources, including interviews. It also calls for the ablity to cooperate with colleagues and practitioners in order to share constructive comments and critique.

Having concluded the course the students shall thus be able to plan, design and implement a research project in the field of politics and development.


The course is restricted to (incoming and outgoing)exchange students who wish to focus on politics and development (development studies) by combining studies abroad with the collection of information for their master thesis (or by only doing field studies abroad).


Formal prerequisite knowledge

STV4020 must be passed before you can take STV4330 Design seminar (this is only required for the Norwegian students).


The course comprises a series of seminars, each lasting 2 x 45 minutes. The number of seminars will depend on the number of students attending the course.


The course is mandatory for students who follow the special track. You must have attended and participated actively in the seminar for 2/3 of the course (including the first session). Each participant must present an outline of his/her master’s thesis and serve as opponent for at least one other student’s outline.

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Spring 2013

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