STV9000A – Design seminar

Course content

In the design seminar, the students present their project outlines to the other participants in the PhD programme and two opponents appointed by the department. Supervisors are also invited to participate. The seminar is to be completed during the first year of the PhD education. In addition to substantial plans, like research question, identification of academic discourses to which the thesis will seek to contribute, theoretical perspectives and design of the investigation, emphasis is placed on the project plan, including the structure of the thesis and progress plan, as well as any exchange periods abroad. The project outlines are to be submitted 1 week prior to the seminar.

Each student will have the main responsibility of commenting on one other project outline and is expected to participate actively in the discussion of the remaining project outlines. You will also receive comments on your own project and it's feasibility. The students are expected to participate actively in the discussion of each of the project outlines submitted, and they will also receive feedback on the content and feasibility of their own projects. The participants will summarize the lessons learned from this feedback in a short outline memo to be submitted to the department and supervisors after the seminar.

Learning outcome

The outline seminar is intended to help:

  • develop and refine your PhD project
  • increase the feasibility of the project, focusing on specific objectives during the process and a realistic plan for its completion
  • at an early stage provide you with training in how to present and provide reasons for your own research
  • provide you with training in how to assess the research designs of others and give constructive feedback
  • provide you with an opportunity to become acquainted with other PhD students inside and outside of the Department of Political Science


You register for the outline seminar in the beginning of the semester of your participation. Registration for the PhD seminar is done through Studentweb.

The PhD seminar is reserved for students who have been admitted to the PhD programme at the Department of Political Science.

Overlapping courses

1 credits overlap with STV9100A

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