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STV9007 – Qualitative studies: data and analysis

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Responsible for the course: Professor Svein Andersen, BI

Qualitative studies are usually case studies that focus on phenomenon that are subjected to intense studies and analysis. Examples are organizations (or parts of them), decisions, negotiations, a discourse, an event, an action, a procedure, a statement etc. Qualitative data and qualitative analysis usually play a major role in such studies.

The course provides an overview over types of qualitative studies (use of written sources, interviews, field work), how to document, interpret, analyse and explain using different types of data. Data gathering can be viewed as implementation of research strategy, where case selection, categories for description and analysis are closely connected. Various procedures and techniques must be linked to an overall understanding of the research process.

The course emphasizes the relationship between formulation of research problem, design, data gathering and analysis. This is particularly important for successful application or development of theory. In addition to lectures and discussion, the participants will present and get feed back on how to apply qualitative methods in their own projects – related to planned or ongoing data gathering or analysis.


Learning outcome

Participants will be familiar with various perspectives on qualitative methods, how it relates to different views on the nature of reality and social science. Presentations and class discussions focus on points of methodological controversy and consensus. Through examples of classical contributions as well as discussions of participants’ project they gain understanding of the practical challenges of qualitative Research.


The course is open for PhD students. There is no participation fee, but the cost of travel and accommodation, if needed, must be covered by the participants. Applicants will be notified about the outcome of their application as quickly as possible after the deadline.

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Application deadline: 1 August 2014

If you have questions regarding admission, please contact Guro S Øvregard


Time: 1 - 5 September 2014
Place: Room 830, Eilert Sundts hus




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Deadline: 17 November

Submission: by e-mail to Svein Andersen (

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1 - 5 September 2014

Room 830, Eilert Sundts hus


15 page exam paper

Deadline: 17 November

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