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RESA4208 – Interreligious Relations: Conflict and Dialogue

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The course will explore different aspects of interreligious relations in today’s global context, with some emphasis on Muslim-Christian relations. How can we understand the relation between faith, gender and politics, when people of different religions are involved in conflict or engage each other in dialogue? The course will have three main parts: (1) the role of religion in conflict escalation and the potential contribution of interreligious dialogue to conflict resolution, (2) the ways in which different religions come to term with religious pluralism, and (3) an elective study of one particular aspect of interreligious relations, according to the student’s choice (examples: Muslim-Christian relations, Buddhist-Christian dialogue, a case study, or a more general theme). Theoretical aspects of doing interreligious studies in an academic context will also be addressed.

Learning outcome

Upon the completion of this course, students should have obtained critical insight about (a) the relation between faith, gender and politics in interreligious encounters and (b) how the world religions come to terms with religious pluralism, and (c) a deeper understanding of a particular interfaith theme or relationship.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Bachelor degree with an emphasis in theology, Christian/religious studies, social sciences or arts, 80 units or equivalent.


During the course: (1) a report of min. 1000 words (in English or Norwegian) related to a book chosen by the student, (2) a 1000 words reflection on a specified part of the reading list and (3) short responses in Fronter to fellow students.


Paper (3000-4000 words). The exam paper can either be in English or in Norwegian.

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Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

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Spring 2012

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