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EDU4011 – Research Methods and Statistics

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Research Methods and Statistics consists of two courses:

1. Brief introduction to social science research methods.

The course is taught at the end of the first semester of the programme. The themes of this course are:

  • How does social research differ from other ways of representing social life?
  • Examination of the relationship between major goals and common strategies in social sciences?
  • Practical advice on academic writing and how to start writing in the context of research.

2. Empirical research in social sciences.

The course is taught at the beginning of the second semester. This course extends the thematic areas of Course 1 and focuses on methodological challenges of doing empirical research in social sciences:

  • The theory and rationale of quantitative research methods.
  • Introduction to descriptive statistics and multivariate methods
  • The theory and rationale of qualitative research and the processes of discovery involved in its practice
  • The combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods within a piece of research.

Learning outcome

The first course aims to give students knowledge of social science research at introductory level. The second course aims to give the students an understanding of methodological challenges in empirical research in social Sciences.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

The course is a part of the Master programme in Comparative and International Education and the Master programme in Higher Education. Only students formally accepted to these programmes may attend this course.


The courses combine lectures and seminars. A minimun of 80% attendance is required of all students.


Assessment of students include assignments and a final exam:

For each course there will be compulsory papers to write. Requirements will be announced at the start of the course. The papers are graded: Pass / Fail. Those students whose papers have not been approved are required to rewrite their papers.

On conclusion of the unit, the students sit a 6 hours written examination. The students are eligible to sit the exam when all compulsory papers are approved. Grades are: A, B, C, D, E and F(ail). A student failing an exam will be given a second chance to sit the exam at the end of the term. If failing the second attempt, the student may apply for a third and final attempt to pass the exam. This third and final chance/exam will be arranged at the beginning of the next term. If failing the third and final attempt the student is not eligible for the 3rd and 4th term.

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