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EDU4050 – Research Proposal Seminar

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At the end of the second semester a research proposal seminar will be conducted. The topic for the thesis will be discussed. Students will join the seminar relating to their specialisation within CIE. (A: Education and Development, or B: Educational Policies and Planning.) In preparation for the thesis seminar students will be taught how to write a thesis proposal and will be required to write a synopsis of about 6 - 7 pages on their intended thesis research. In the seminar the thesis proposals are discussed, commented upon and later re-submitted. The organizer of each specialisation will together with the administrative co-ordinator identify a tutor as relevant as possible for each student's thesis' topic.

(Due to technical reasons, credits for research proposal seminar will be awarded in third semester)

Learning outcome

The course aims to qualify students for thesis work and includes production of proposal for research.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

The seminar is a part of the Master programme in Comparative and International Education and the Master programme in Higher Education. Only students formally accepted to these programmes may attend this course. The students must have completed and passed all requirements of the previous courses in order to enter the seminar.


The seminar runs as a workshop and combines relevant approaches to its objective. A minimum of 90% attendance is required of all students.


There will be no examination but an attendance rate of 90% is required to have the course graded as passed. Submission of thesis proposal is an obligatory requirement of the seminar.

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