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EDU4201 – Core Focus Areas in Comparative and International Education

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Course content

The themes of the course includes:

  • the concepts, dimensions and interrelationships among equity, quality and relevance
  • youth, gender and social change
  • teaching and learning
  • governance, planning and management
  • linkages and levels of education

Learning outcome

The aim of the course is to provide you with specialized knowledge on issues and dimensions related to Equity, Quality and Relevance of education.

Upon completion of the course you are expected to:


  • understand and analyse dimensions and concepts that are essential in the field of Comparative and International Education
  • understand and analyse inter-relationships between education and societal development processes and their manifestations in international and national policies and practices


  • demonstrate capacity to identify pertinent research issues for independent analysis and contribution to the field
  • demonstrate capacity to analyse pertinent research issues comparatively and at different levels of analysis
  • demonstrate capacity to present an issue in a focused manner in accordance with academic formalities


  • document analytical competences of relevance to the field


Students who are admitted to study programmes at UiO must each semester register which courses and exams they wish to sign up for in Studentweb.

If you are not already enrolled as a student at UiO, please see our information about admission requirements and procedures.

The course is a compulsory part of the Master’s Programme in Comparative and International Education. Students must pass the courses during the first semester in order to continue in the programme.

Other applicants may be considered if there is extra capacity.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

The course is a compulsory part of the Master’s Programme in Comparative and International Education. Students are required to have passed EDU4100 Introduction to Comparative and International Education, EDU4110 National and International Policies and Planning on Education and Development and EDU4150 - Social Science Research in order to continue in the programme.

Other applicants may be considered if there is extra capacity.


The courses combine lectures with seminars, group work, exercises and oral presentations by students.


You are required to write a term paper of 20 pages as a home assignment. The paper is discussed together with the syllabus at an oral exam. The oral exam lasts one hour, including the commision’s decision on the final grade. The final grade will be based on the combined results of the written and oral parts of the exam.

The grade for the written paper is provisional and will be announced to you before the oral exam. The oral exam of the paper, and the wider course syllabus, aims at determining the final grade. The final grade normally deviates only one grade from that of the written paper.

Grades for the two parts of the exam are calculated according to the UiO regulations.

Both parts of the exam must be passed in order for you to pass the exam. Both parts of the exam must be completed within the same semester.

If you fail the written paper, you cannot sit for the oral exam until you have resubmitted a paper that is awarded a pass. You can rewrite the paper once during the same semester. If you have passed the written paper, but fail the oral exam, you can retake the oral exam in the same semester.

In order to qualify for the exam, you must have completed all previous courses in the programme. There is also a mandatory 80% attendance requirement for this course. If you do not fulfill the mandatory attendance requirements, you must submit a written request to apply for an additional assignment prior to passing the course. The application must document stated reasons for absence beyond your control.

Submit assignments in Inspera

You submit your assignment in the digital examination system Inspera. Read about how to submit assignments in Inspera.

Use of sources and citation

You should familiarize yourself with the rules that apply to the use of sources and citations. If you violate the rules, you may be suspected of cheating/attempted cheating.

Examination support material

The written exam is a home assignment. The oral exam takes place at UiO. No supporting materials can be used during the oral exam except for the term paper.

Language of examination

The examination text is given in English, and you submit your response in English.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

Explanations and appeals

Resit an examination

Withdrawal from an examination

It is possible to take the exam up to 3 times. If you withdraw from the exam after the deadline or during the exam, this will be counted as an examination attempt.

Special examination arrangements

Application form, deadline and requirements for special examination arrangements.


The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.

Periodic Evaluation Spring 2015

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Spring 2019

Last time this course is taught is spring 2019


Every spring

Last chance to re-take exam in this course is spring 2020 and only for students who have completed the course requirements in spring 2019 or prior.

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