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EDUELECT – Elective

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On the third term preparations for the thesis work are continued, by the writing of an Elective Paper. An elective paper must have been submitted and approved before the Master´s degree can be awarded. Thre are basically four ways in which the elective requirements can be fulfilled.

  • Students attend in their second semester a chosen part (normally a third) of the specialisation course programme in a specialisation different from the one they are enrolled in. The choice of elective is to be approved by the teacher in charge of the specialisation area chosen by the student. In order to obtain credit for electives according to this alternative, the student is required to submit, and have approved, a minor written assignment (5-7 pages) to the course professor. Grades are: Pass or Fail
  • Students can attend additional courses (approved by the academic co-ordinator) as a basis for their elective. The theme of the course chosen ought to be related to the students´ research interests and support the thesis work. They can either choose to write the paper being required by a particular course (e.g. a 20 pages paper at the International Summerschool) - a paper assessed by the course professor or they can write a shorter paper (5-7 pages) on the topic of the course and have it assessed by their tutor. Grades are: Pass or Fail.
  • Individual literature review, based on a reading list, developed and proposed by the student and approved by the tutor. The review ought not exceed more than 5-7 pages in length. Grades are: Pass or Fail.
  • The student can have a period of observation and visitation at a Norwegian school or other Norwegian learning arena and write a paper on hers/his experiences and reflections on these. The paper should ought not exceed more than 5-7 pages in lenght. Grades are: Pass or Fail.

Learning outcome

The elective paper serves as a preparation for the thesis work.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

Students who have passed the examinations on the second term the CIE programme are eligible for admission to the third and fourth term.


Depends on which of the four alternatives the student choose.


Students on the CIE programme are required to write a minor paper for the elective to be approved. Grades are: Pass or Fail.

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