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On the second year of the master programme in CIE, students are required to write a Master Thesis of 75-150 pages. The thesis is an independent piece of scientific research demonstrating the student´s competence in comparative and international education in relation to the aims of the programme. The thesis should preferably be based on field studies conducted in the student´s country of origin. Norwegian students are encouraged to conduct the data-collection in a different country than Norway. The field-work may incorporate interviews with educational practitioners and decision-makers, class-room observation and documentary analysis. It is recommended that the data collection takes place during the third term.


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Only students formally accepted to the CIE programme, and who have passed the previous exams may register for the EDUTHESIS.


The length of the thesis should be between 75-150 pages. Within six weeks from submission of the dissertation, the thesis will be assessed by a committee, who will be present at a final lecture and discussion, , where the candidate presents and defends the thesis, by responding to questions form an appointet opponent. After the discussion between the candidate and the opponent, there will be opportunities for the audience and the exam committee to pose questions to the candidate. The final evaluation will be based on an assessment both of the written thesis, and the oral defence. Grades are: A, B, C, D, E and F(ail).

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