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HEMSUBSTB – Students and Staff in Higher Education; including teaching and learning, research, quality and ICT issues.

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Students and Staff in Higher Education is a module in the Master Programme on Higher Education.

Learning outcome

The aim of the module is to enable students to conceptualise and critically analyse the primary processes and its relations in higher education. Themes introduced in the introductory semester will be extended through further introduction to recent research and theorising about research, teaching and student learning and provide a number of theoretical frameworks within which new development in the organization of learning, teaching and assessment can be understood. In addition the module focuses on curriculum development. The overall perspective put emphasis on the importance of ethical deliberations concerning the enterprise of teaching and research and the importance of a critical understanding of the past and present teaching and learning traditions.


  • Shaping the curriculum
  • Curriculum as a signpost for educational change
  • Curriculum and educational models
  • The hidden curriculum
  • Students’ learning, teaching and assessment
  • From mental models to contextual/ situated models of learning and expertise
  • Assessment - between learning and control
  • Students journey through higher education
  • Academic staff: teaching and research in higher education
  • Academic roles and challenges
  • Faculty members as teachers
  • The relationship between teaching and research

The reading list for the module consists of approximately 600 pages of literature.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

The course is a part of the second semester of the Master Programme on Higher Education. Only students formally accepted to the programme may follow the course.


The module is built up of four weeks. The first week consists of one introductory lecture and individual literature studies. The second week is comprised of lectures and seminars, and in the third and fourth week the students write a paper.

The module has been developed, and is taught by lecturers from the Hedda partners, a European network of higher education research institutions


The examination of this module consists of a term paper on a topic related to the module. For the examination the following marks are used: PASS or FAIL

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