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HEMSUBSTD – Policy, Resources, and Organisation of Higher Education

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Policy, Resources, and Organisation of Higher Education is a module in the Master Programme on Higher Education.

Learning outcome

This module is concerned with policy making at governmental level and with the implementation and impact of policy within higher education institutions at both institutional and sub-institutional levels. The lectures are structured to start at the national level and move through a discussion of universities as a whole to examining change processes at the level of individuals’ academic work.

The aim of the module is to provide students with an understanding of the conditions under which change in the primary processes of higher education takes place and of the consequences of attempts – by governmental agencies, institutional leaders and managers or departmental managers – to promote or enable change.

The reading list for each module consists of approximately 600 pages of literature.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

The course is a part of the second semester of the Master Programme on Higher Education. Only students formally accepted to the programme may follow the course.


The module is built up of four weeks. The first week consists of one introductory lecture and individual literature studies. The second week is comprised of lectures and seminars, and in the third and fourth week the students write a paper.

The module has been developed, and is taught by lecturers from the Hedda partners, a European network of higher education research institutions


The examination of this module consists of a term paper on a topic related to the module. For the examination the following marks are used: PASS, and FAIL

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