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HEMTHESIS – Master Thesis

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During the second year of the Master Programme on Higher Education the students concentrate on writing a master thesis. The thesis is an independent piece of scientific research demonstrating the student’s competence in higher education in relation to the aims of the programme. The length of the thesis should be between 80 - 100 pages (40 credits).


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Only students formally accepted to the Master Programme on Higher Education, and who have passed the previous exams in the programme, may register for the thesis course.


Each student is appointed a supervisor by the institute. The student is entitled to 42 hours of supervision, including 14 hours face to face meetings and supervisor's preparation time.


The thesis will be marked first on the basis of the way students have applied the main concepts, theories and disciplinary perspectives from the field of higher education research.

A second element will be the coherence of the thesis, i.e. the way in which students have linked their research questions with the theories and concepts, their empirical analyses, and their main conclusions.

Third the relevance of the thesis will be taken into account.

In an oral examination the student will have the opportunity to defend the thesis. The oral examination can have an adjusting function with respect to the final mark of the thesis.

For the thesis and the oral examination the following marks are used: A, B, C, D, E and F (Fail) .

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