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PED1330 – The Scandinavian School Model?

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Course content

The course contains the following elements:

  • a discussion of whether the Scandinavian countries (i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) have – or have had – a unique school model
  • the school (i.e. elementary and secondary school) seen in a historical perspective (after World War II) and a comparative perspective (to other European countries)
  • the following five main themes: the comprehensive school, governing, public and private schools, differentiation, evaluation and assessment
  • the interaction between school systems and politics as a recurrent theme

Learning outcome

  • Insight into main trends of the Scandinavian school development since World War II.
  • Competence in using historical and comparative sources to evaluate the Scandinavian school system as a part of the Scandinavian welfare state.
  • Perspectives on school development in Scandinavia compared to other parts of Europe.


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As of Autumn 2008 this course will no longer run. It will be replaced in full by PED2330.


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