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UV9226 – Introduction to Program Evaluation

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This introductory course in program evaluation is intended examine the modern field of formal program evaluation. More specifically we will look at models and methods of evaluating programs, processes, and products in a variety of settings with specific emphasis on education. The course is designed to allow you to acquire a basic understanding of the field of evaluation. Additionally, you will gain practical knowledge of how to begin a formal evaluation by designing a small evaluation.

The course is focused on answering the following twelve questions about program evaluation:

  1. What is program evaluation?
  2. What is the difference between evaluation and research?
  3. Why evaluate?
  4. What are some differing theories of evaluation?
  5. What is to be evaluated?
  6. Who are the evaluation audiences?
  7. How is an evaluation designed?
  8. What techniques can be used to collect information?
  9. How may data be analyzed?
  10. How can evaluation data be interpreted?
  11. How can the evaluation results be reported?
  12. What can be done to encourage evaluation use?


  • Organizer: CEMO (Centre for Educational Measurement at University of Oslo)
  • Responsible: Professor David Rutkowski
  • Lecturer: Professor David Rutkowski
  • Date:September 7, 8, 28, and 29, 2017
  • Location: NEMKO, Gaustadalleeen 30D, room 128
  • Time: 9 - 16; 9-12 (Sep 29)
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Registration deadline: August 31 2017
  • Registration: Studentweb or Nettskjema


  • Fitzpatrick, J. L., Sanders, J. R., & Worthen, B. R. (2011). Program evaluation: Alternative approaches and practical guidelines. Pearson Education.
  • 4-5 Journal articles (approximately 20 pages each)
  • 5 Evaluation checklists (approximately 5-10 pages each)

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Every autumn

Course credits: 1 SP without documentation (at least 80% participation), 4 SP with documentation

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