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UV9341 – Beginning teachers and mentoring schemes

Course content

The transition from teacher education to the teaching profession is often regarded by beginning teachers as demanding and critical. International research shows that the first years in the teaching profession are important for whether the beginning teacher will remain in the profession and for their subsequent professional development. New teachers experience a demanding working environment and a lack of organised support in the start of their professional career. The school’s organisational climate can have a greater significance for the beginning teacher’s feeling of mastery than their teacher training. Colleagues who support the beginning teacher during the first year of work via mentoring schemes can thus appear to have a very significant role in determining the extent to which the beginning teacher feels that they master their first years of practice

Learning outcome

The goal of the PhD seminar is to provide opportunities for PhD students to acquire a deeper understanding of (1) the challenges of beginning teachers (for instance intent to leave the teaching profession), and (2) the influence of mentoring schemes and other factors on beginning teachers’ professional learning.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

No obligatory prerequisties beyond the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway


Duration: 12 hours, two days

The course is 4-6 march

Programme: programme

Location: Helga Engs hus, room 231


1 credit point for course participation (80% attendance required)
3 credit point for course participation and submitted paper

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