Fees for the Summer School

Books, course supplies and personal expenses (such as laundry, transportation and spending money) are not included in the fees. We estimate that you will need a minimum of NOK 3,000/USD 420 for the summer.

Fees might be slightly adjusted in October/November for Summer  2018. 

Basic fees

Includes extracurricular activities, one weekend excursion, and health insurance.

On-Campus Fee (also includes room & board) 23,800 3,300
Off-Campus Fee (does not include room & board) 9,700 1,350

Additional Fees

To cover additional field trips related to the courses listed below. Paid separately. Information about payment of additional fees will be sent out in April. 

ISSHF1143 - Art in Norway 1,000 140
ISSMF4205 - International Community Health 400 55
ISSSV4756 - International Development Studies 900 125
ISSSV4854 - Peace Research 900 125
ISSSUM4180 - Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development 5,000 695

Optional Fee

Paid after signing up. Information about payment will be sent in a separate email. 


Long weekend tour to Bergen

4,050 560

When and how to pay

See payment deadlines and information on how to pay the fees. 


The ISS offers scholarships to applicants from certain countries. Competition for these scholarships is high and funds are limited, so the majority of scholarships awarded are partial scholarships. Only approximately 50 full scholarships are granted.

Who can apply for scholarships?


Transcripts will not be issued until all of your financial obligations have been met, all borrowed materials returned, or all lost materials paid for.


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