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St. Olavs gate 29

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The adminstration at the Cultural History Museum.


  • In general: The building has three parts with entrances A, B, and C. Part B and C, as well as the mezzanine in part A, arnot wheelchair accessible.
  • Parking: Disabled parking spaces in the backyard. Ring the bell to alert the reception.
  • Entryway: The building has two entrances. Both are without steps and with door openers. The doors open outward.
  • Lifts: One lift in entrance A runs from the basement to the fourth floor. Inner measurement: 160 x 139 cm.
  • Doors: Some interior doorways have high thresholds, non-standard widths and heavy doors. Adjustments may be considered.
  • Toilets: One accessible toilet in the basement.
  • Lecture rooms: Stair glider for access. Gradual access ramp to the stair glider.
  • No induction loop.


St. Olavs gate 29

Gross area:
2.584 m²

Operations area:

Building number:

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