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Domus Media and the University Aula

Address: Karl Johans gate 47


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Visiting the Aula

Year round

The Aula is open for events and concerts. In addition, it is possible to visit the Aula the first Saturday each month 12-15 pm.

Getting to Domus Media

Bus, tram and metro

In the building


  • The building has four floors. The third floor in the middle wing is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Parking: Please contact The Information Centre.
  • The building has eleven entrances. Three of the basement entrances are wheelchair accessible, including one of the northern entrances.
  • Three lifts:
    • Lift K146: Access to the Aula and gallery. Inner measurements: 107 x 220 cm.
    • Lift K105: Access to the first and second floor. Inner measurements: 139 x 159 cm. This lift requires assistance.
    • Lift K091: Access to the first, second and third floors. Inner measurements: 140 x 200 cm.
  • Doors: Some of the doors in the common areas may be heavy to open.
  • Toilets: The building has five accessible toilets in the basement and on the first, second and third floor.
  • Lecture rooms: No induction loop.
  • Concert venue: Induction loop


Built in:

Karl Johans gate 47

Gross area:
11.597 m²

Operations area:

Building number:

Photo gallery

Galleri - Domus Media



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