Cooperation with India focuses on top-level research and interdisciplinarity within broad areas such as energy, equality, climate change and health as well as language and culture.

Women in India learning DHIS2; the open source health information software. Photo: HISP project.

UiO has research collaboration with Indian partners within mathematics and natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities, addressing a range of areas such as: 

  • geophysics and glaciology
  • global health and health information systems
  • energy, environment and consumption
  • democracy, equality and poverty.

Several of UiO's Centres of Excellence (CoE), both national and Nordic, include collaboration with Indian partners.

In the period 2013-15 there were 216 co-publications between UiO and Indian institutions, mainly in the Sciences.

Collaboration in research and education

UiO aims to further develop collaboration with Indian partners on student exchange and study programmes linked to research collaboration, and to develop new and innovative collaboration with industry. UiO attracts a growing number of Indian PhD-students, mostly in connection with research projects.

Health information systems collaboration

UiO's Health Information Systems Collaboration with India (HISP-INDIA) aims to strengthen the development and use of integrated health information systems within a public health inspired framework in India and the South Asian region. It is part of HISP, a dynamic 'network for action' at UiO comprising of various entities, including Universities, Ministries of Health, international agencies such as WHO and NORAD, and in-country implementing agencies.

Economic growth and sustainable development

The Department of Economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences hosts the national Centre of Excellence, ESOP, which collaborates with Delhi School of Economics to address economic growth and sustainable development in India, as well as with the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) and the Centre for Research on the Economics of Climate, Food, Energy and the Environment (CECFEE).

UiO's Department of Political Sciences cooperates on democracy research with the University of Delhi's Department of Political Science and with Jawaharlal Nehru University, with funding through the Norwegian partnership programme UTFORSK. UiO's Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) conducts ongoing research with Indian partners on Global Governance.

Renewable energy research through collaboration in geophysics, climate and functional materials is a growing focus area for UiO with Indian partners.

Indian culture, language and politics

The Department of Culture and Oriental Studies (IKOS) has extensive cooperation with Indian partners in research and education on Hindi, Buddhism and South Asian politics and culture, and runs bachelor and master programmes relating to South Asia area studies and languages. In addition, IKOS is a founder member of the Nordic Centre in India (NCI).

Did you know that...

  • UiO is a founder-member of the Nordic Centre in Delhi?
  • In 2015, Indian candidates made up the third largest body of international doctoral students at UiO?
  • UiO has for many years worked closely with the Indian government in developing health information systems?

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