UiO has research collaboration with Japanese partners in several areas, such as space physics, solar and polar research, nanotechnology and materials, intelligent machines and climate research, as well as in language and culture. 

The ICI 4 Rocket that was launched from Andøya 19th February 2015 will provide knowledge that can help us predict the weather in space. Read more about 4DSpace - Strategic Research initiative

Research collaboration

UiO's researchers have over many years developed long-term research collaboration with Japanese partners. This has resulted in a growing number of co-authored articles, particularly within astronomy, physics and life sciences.

Co-authorship is largely with partners at Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Hokkaido University and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Japanese partner institutions

UiO has an increasing number of partnerships with top-level institutions in Japan, for example within space science, astronomy, nanotechnology, energy and robotics:

Cooperation in education and student exchange

  • UiO's extensive cooperation in research with partners in Japan has created the basis for several student exchange agreements. See full list below.
  • The Faculty of Humanities offers research-based Japanese Studies at Bachelor's, Master's and PhD-levels. As an integrated part of these programs, UiO-students spend one or two semester in Japan. These students make out the largest group of outbound mobility to Japan.
  • Collaboration with Japanese partners also involves cooperative projects with activities combining ongoing research and education, for instance, UiO's Department of Geosciences jointly with the University Centre at Svalbard, Hokkaido University, the Kitami Institute of Technology and University of Tsukuba, has educational activites linked to cryosphere research (CryoJaNo - Cryoshperic Field observations, monitoring and modelling).