UiO has research collaboration with Japanese partners in several areas, such as language and culture, space science, solar and polar research, materials research and climate research.

The ICI 4 Rocket that was launched from Andøya 19th February 2015 will provide knowledge that can help us predict the weather in space. Read more about 4DSpace - Strategic Research initiative

Cooperation within research and education

UiO's researchers have over many years developed long-term research collaboration with Japanese partners. This has resulted in a growing number of co-authored articles, particularly within the natural sciences, medicine and dentistry

Co-authorship is largely with partners at Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Hokkaido University and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Partnerships with top-level institutions in Japan

UiO has an increasing number of partnerships with top-level institutions in Japan, such as:

Research contact between researchers at UiO and Japanese partners is on the increase within the social sciences (psychology, political science and economics), as well as with UiO's Natural History Museum and Museum of Cultural History.

Student exchange

  • UiO combines research and education and has signed 13 student exchange agreements with research partner institutions in Japan.
  • More than 400 students have undertaken a student exchange period. In addition, Japanese students participate in UiO's International Summer School and in full degree programmes at UiO.
  • Japan is a popular destination for UiO's exchange students and  there is a positive growth in the inbound figures.
  • The Faculty of Humanities carries out research on Japan's language, literature and culture, and offers research-based Japanese Studies at Bachelor, Master and PhD-levels, and exchange programmes with Japanese partners.
  • UiO and Nagoya University signed an MOU and student Exchange agreement in 2015, based on research and higher education Cooperation within Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Did you know that...

  • At UiO, all undergraduate students of Japanese spend a semester of language study at a partner institution in Japan as part of their degree?
  • UiO's Department of Physics offers excellent opportunities for student exchange with Japanese partners within space education?
  • UiO has been a member of SYLFF (Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund) under the Tokyo Foundation (Nippon Foundation) since 1988?

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