UC Berkeley: Peder Sather Grant Program - Projects with the UiO

The primary mission of the Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study is to strengthen ongoing research collaborations and foster the development of new research collaborations between faculty at the University of California, Berkeley and from the consortium of nine participating Norwegian academic institutions.

Projects awarded 2018-2019

Realizing Corporate Sustainability in a Globalized World (RealSusty)

Conceptualizing Public Schools’ Democratic Potential in Two Distinct Political Contexts: A Cross-National Comparison

Quantopia: Developing a Visual Path from Bit to Qubit

A Posteriori Error Estimates for Coupled-Cluster Theory

Comparing Extremes: US Hyperincarceration and Norwegian Penal Exceptionalism, 1960-2017

Does Feeling ‘Moved’ Bind Relationship Partners Together? Experiments Observing Interactions in Couples and Among Strangers

Modal Semantics of Eastern Polynesian Languages

  • Rachel Katharine Sterken, University of Oslo
  • Seth Yalcin, UC-Berkeley

Pronominal Elements in Understudied Languages of the World

Transnational Migration and Inequality: Implications for Health and Health Services

Book Workshop “Environmental Change and Ritualized Relationships with the Other-Than-Human World”


Projects awarded 2017-2018

Centers, Peripheries And Zones Of Contact: Scandinavia, Russia, Japan

Technology, Equity, And Global Governance: An Exploratory Analysis Of Regime Formation In The Fields Of Nuclear And Renewable Energy

Vitamin D Regulation Of MS-Associated Genes In Human T Cells

Towards An Integrated Neural Model Of Inhibitory Control Over The Human Motor System

Two Worlds Collide: Bringing Synchrotron-Based Spectroscopy And Advanced Kinetics Together To Characterize Metal-Support Interactions In Catalysis

Projects awarded 2016-2017

The Dose Is The Demon -  Establishing The Role Of Ambient Versus Household Air Pollution For Population Exposure In Order To Support Cost-Effective And Equitable Air Pollution Policies

Dissecting The Timing, Ecological Signature, And Environmental Context Of The Largest Biodiversification In Earth History

Assessing The Impact Of Leadership Preparation In Two Distinct Testing And Accountability Policy Contexts

Environmental Change And Ritualized Relationships With The Other-Than-Human World

Bridging Simulation To Experiment In Stem Cell Based Cardiac Micro Physiological Systems

Projects awarded 2015-2016

The Dead: Ruptures and Continuities in the Long Reformation

The Body in Translation - Translation, the Human body and Early Modern Demarcations of Knowledge

Advanced Computational Methods for the Quantum Mechanical Many-Body Problem in Physics and Quantum Chemistry

Gangs, Brands and Intellectual Property Rights: Outlaw Bikers, Luxury Brands and Legal Battles Over Trademarked Insignia

Targeting NBEAL Proteins as an Approach to Defeating Cancer and Metastasis

Projects awarded 2014-2015

Temporal dynamics of cerebellar contributions to language processing

Nor-Wise - Investigating Science Learning in Norway and the US

Berkeley-Oslo Initiative in Valuation Studies

Wireless Sensor Network for Snow Digital Elevation Models (SnowDEM)

First BCCP-Oslo Workshop in Computational Cosmology: Advanced Statistical Methods in Large Scale Structure

Probing the role of inhibition in the brain with optogenetic pharmacology

Health Production or Overspending: Comparing Cardiovascular Treatment Intensity and Outcomes in the U.S. with the Norwegian EuroHOPE Project

Workshop package on: Unpacking the Nordic Model

Programmable Self-assembly and Folding of Synthetic Proteins in Solution

Assessment of Students' Digital Competence

Addressing Nuclear Data Needs in the Thorium Fuel Cycle

Projects awarded 2013-2014

A Computational Approach to the Rational Design of Hydroamination Catalysts

A Comparative Study of Distruptive Behavior Between Schools in Norway and the United States

Electrophysiology of Frontal-Parietal Control of Spacial Attention

Creating in the Cloud:  A study of online collaboration across cultures and learning contexts

Critical Perspectives on Courts and Human Rights

Disability and Identification: A comparative Analysis

Gene Expression Affected by Methylation Changes in Multiple Sclerosis

Synchronizing the World.  Universal Histories, Encyclopedias, and World Maps

Toward a Virtual Tebtunis

Facilitating High Expectations for a Diverse Student Population:  A Cross-National Comparison of Norwegian and US-American Approaches

Equasions in Algebraic Geometry

What Color are Atomic Nuclei?

A Systems Analysis of Anthrax Epidemiology in Mammalian Herbivores

Bearing Witness:  Improving Witness Protection and Services at the International Criminal Court

Development of Episodic Memory

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