UTFORSK projects

Until 2020 the UTFORSK Partnership Programme supports project cooperation between higher education institutions in Norway and higher education institutions in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia and South Africa.

In the 2020 call also projects with partners in USA, Canada and South Korea may apply. See Diku's website

The following projects have been awarded to the University of Oslo since 2013:

UTFORSK 2-year projects


Beijing Foreign Studies University's Scandinavian Studies - expanding collaboration to encompass issues of Nordic area and culture studies

Project coordinator: Annely Tomson, Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies
China: Beijing Foreign Studies University

Maths & The City - Learning to apply mathemtics outside the school

Project coordinator: Nils Fredrik Buchholtz, Department of Teacher Education and School Research
Brazil: Federal University of Ouro Preto

Establishing higher education collaboration in educational psychology between Norway and Hong Kong (EduCo)

Project coordinator: Riikka-Maija Mononen, Department of Special Needs Education
China: The Education University of Hong Kong 

Norway-South Africa Partnership in Capacity Development for Education and Clinical Research in Dentistry

Project coordinator: Alix Rosslyn Young Vik, Institute of Clinical Dentistry
South Africa: University of the Western Cape

Biogeochemistry in the Anthropocene

Project coordinator: Rolf David Vogt, Department of Chemistry
China: China Agricultural University, Nankai University, Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences


Building capabilities on data analysis and vizualization for disease surveillance in India

Project coordinator: Sundeep Sahay, Department of Informatics
India: Indian Institute of Technology, Dehli

Digital Geosciences: Knowledge Management for the Energy Industry

Project coordinator: Martin Giese, Department of Informatics
Brazil: Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul


Norway-Russia Partnership in the Study of Turbulence and Waves in the Polar Ionosphere

Project coordinator: Wojciech J. Miloch, Department of Physics
Russia: Russian Academy of Science

MENSA Minerals and Energy Norway South Africa

Project coordinator: Catherine Banet, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law
South Africa: University of Cape Town

ROCAIR - Rio Grande do Sul and Oslo collaboration on AI and Robotics

Project coordinator: Jim Tørresen, Department of Informatics
Brazil: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


    Numerical simulations of rocket-plasma interaction

    Project coordinator: Wojciech J. Miloch, Department of Physics 
    Japan: Kobe University


    Democracy, Welfare and Development: Indian and Scandinavian Experiences

    Project coordinator: Olle Törnquist, Department of Political Science
    India: Jawaharlal Nehru University

    Norway-China Partnership for Supercomputing Education and Research

    Project coordinator: Xing Cai, Department of Informatics
    China: National University of Defence Technology

    UTFORSK 4-year projects


    Research-tandems, an innovative approach to improve students' research skills

    Project coordinator: Luca Tateo, Department of Special Needs Education
    Brazil: Federal University of Bahia

    BioDATA Advanced – Accelerating biodiversity research through DNA barcodes, collection and observation data

    Project coordinator: Hugo de Boer, Natural History Museum
    Russland: Altai State University

    Fostering Research‐Based Education through Academic Mobility and Measuring the Domestic Impact of the Core UN Human Rights Treaties

    Project coordinator: Gentian Zyberi, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights
    South-Africa: University of Pretoria

    Psychology across cultures: new horizons for teaching and research collaboration between Norway and Brazil

    Project coordinator: Karine Viana, Department of Psychology
    Brazil: Federal University of Pernambuco

    Digital platforms for disease surveillance and control: Best practice case studies from Asia (DMgtAsia)

    Project coordinator: Sundeep Sahay, Department of Informatics
    India: Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani ‐ Hyderabad Campus


    Establishing a Brazilian-Norwegian master course in tropical rainforest ecology and biodiversity

    Project coordinator: Anneleen Kool, Museum of Natural History
    Brazil: Federal University of Para

    Geological resources and sustainable development - learning to live in a finite world

    Project coordinator: Clara Sena, Department of Geosciences
    Brazil: Federal University of Para

    Theoretical and Experimental Study and Research on Functional Materials (TESFun)

    Project coordinator: Anja Olafsen Sjåstad, Department of Chemistry
    India: Central University of Tamil Nadu


    Implementation of the Long-Term Cooperation Agreement between University of Oslo and Wuhan University

    Project coordinator: Chong-Yu Xu, Department of Geosciences
    China: China University of Oslo Wuhan University

    Scholarly Health Informatics Learning (SHI-Learning)

    Project coordinator: Jens J. Kaasbøll, Department of Informatics
    South Africa: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

    Japan-Norway Partnership in Space Science Simulations

    Project coordinator: Wojciech J. Miloch, Department of Physics 
    Japan: Kobe University

    Cosmology and Gravity Education in UCT and UiO

    Project coordinator: David F. Mota, Department of Theoretical Astrophysics
    South Africa: University of Cape Town

    Training of Bachelor, Master and PhD Students Specialized in High Energy Physics

    Project coordinator: Larissa Bravina, Department of Physics
    Russia: National Research Nuclear University "MEPhl"

    UTFORSK Brazil (prev. CAPES-SIU) projects


    Digital Geosciences: Knowledge Management for Interoperability of Geoscientific Data

    Project coordinator: Martin Giese, Department of Informatics
    Brazil: Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

    Transnational training in eDNA for biodiversity assessments and restoration ecology

    Project coordinator: Hugo de Boer, Museum of Natural History
    Brazil: Federal University of Para


    Waves and Turbulence in Multiphase Flow

    Project Coordinator: Atle Jensen, Department of Mathematics
    Brazil: Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro


    Diversity of fungi in Brazilian forest ecosystems UiO

    Project coordinator: Karl-Henrik Larsson, Natural History Museum
    Brazil: Federal University of Pernambuco

    Education, Academic exchange and Research within the area of Petroleum Geophysics/Image analysis

    Project coordinator: Leiv Jacob Gelius, Department of Geosciences
    Brazil: State university of Campinas (UNICAMP)

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