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Employees and students


"Employee" means anyone who performs work at the University. The term therefore covers both permanent and temporary employees such as postgraduates (PhD students), postdoctoral fellows, guest researchers and others who perform work at the University.

Employees shall participate in the implementation of HSE, and in accordance with the orders and instructions of their employer/manager. Employees shall be informed of their duty to actively contribute to systematic HSE management. They shall help prevent and limit injuries and ensure work is stopped when it cannot continue without risk to life and health. Injury or illness which they believe may be due to the working environment shall be reported to the employer/manager.

University employees at other businesses

The University of Oslo has agreements for the coordination of HSE and regulating responsibility for HSE for University personnel working at other businesses.

Contract personnel

The HSE responsibility for personnel working on the University's premises, but with another employer shall be specified in the contract.

Students and apprentices

In cases where the student or apprentice carries out work as part of practical training and work takes place under conditions that may endanger their life and health, the institute shall ensure that the students or apprentices receive equivalent training regarding safety as employees. Risk assessments shall indicate conditions that may endanger life and health.

At UiO, this is relevant for the following activities as part of an education program:
■ Laboratory work
■ Fieldwork
■ Practice work with an external employer
■ Practice work at UiO

In such situations, the students or apprentices have the same rights as mentioned for employees.

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