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Astrid Waaler Kaas

Candidate for the University Board among technical and administrative staff.

Astrid Waaler Kaas is Head of Office at Department of Teacher Education and School Research, UV.

Astrid Waaler Kaas is Head of Office at ILS.


  • Kristin F. Fredriksen, Head of Office, ISP

Election platform

My motivation to become a member of the board at the University of Oslo is inspired by all the bright people working at UiO and the incredible competence we possess together. I want UiO to take advantage of this competence.

Developing a culture for collaboration has always been important for me, whether it is within an administration, between research groups, between faculties, within educational programs or between education and research. 

During the last three years I have been administrative responsible for the about 100 hiring processes at ILS. Together with my having the human resources responsibility for 25 people, this has convinced me of our need for a comprehensive human resources policy. A vital part of this will be developing a recruitment policy that enhances our university’s attractiveness. In fact, this will be one of my highest priorities – we cannot afford to lose the best candidates.

Distinctive and decisive leadership is also important, and one of my most important tasks will be to support enhancements of competence of our leaders at all levels.

I have personal experience with leadership and organizational development, from the Department of Chemistry, from the Department of Teacher Education and School Research and, before that, from sports. I have for many years been an active member, or the leader of different boards in sports organizations. At the moment I am the senior vice president of the International Orienteering Federation. This has given me valuable experience when it comes to international work. Should I be elected as a member of the board at the University of Oslo, I would be very happy to use my experience with the many boards at our university. Even more importantly; I promise to bring my enthusiasm with me.


A few words about my background:

  • Agronomist from  Norwegian University of Life Sciences: NMBU, 1981
  • Statistics UiO, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Participant in different working groups at UiO regarding IHR (The Administrative Streamlining Programme)
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