SPARK Norway Educational Forum: How to make a target product profile

Time and again, a product is being developed, approved, and launched, only to flop in the marketplace. So how can you get your ducks in a row to prepare for a successful product, and how early should you start this process? The answer: begin with the end in mind by creating and using a Target Product Profile (TPP).

The meeting is part of the SPARK Norway Educational Forum Series 2: Quality, regulatory and IP – monthly open meetings organized by UiO:Life Science and SPARK Norway partners.

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Two highly experienced life science professionals will share their thoughts on how to work with a TPP in order to create a successful product in two different markets, which requires different strategies:

  • Vaccines do not always have a high commercial value in the market, but have a high value from a public health point of view
  • Traditional pharmaceutical drugs have a very high commercial value in the market

Gunnstein Norheim
Director Vaccine Science team at CEPI

Gunnstein has extensive experience with infectious diseases and vaccine research. Since 2014 he has been involved in the coordination, planning and implementation of the phase III clinical trial with a novel vaccine against Ebola in Guinea, and he is a member of its Study Steering Group.

He has been in the CEPI Secretariat since its inception in early 2016, serving as a member of the CEPI SAC since October 2016 and as Director for Vaccine Science team at CEPI since January 2018.

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Steinar Ø. Thoresen
Medical Director at AbbVie

Steinar has a long carrier from both academic research and pharmaceutical industry. He is a medical doctor specialized in pathology and epidemiology with a PhD in breast cancer. For 15 years he was the director of the national cancer screening program and he held a professorship at University of Bergen for more than 20 years. From 2009 he was Medical Director in GSK, and since 2013 he has been Medical Director in AbbVie.

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