SPARK Norway – a two-year innovation programme

For health-related topics in the life science domain. Mentoring, milestone-based funding and education to further develop your ideas. Uptake through annual open calls.  See the 17 SPARK Norway teams.

News 26 April: SPARK Norway – a springboard to external funding (in Norwegian)

SPARK Norway Educational Forum

19 June
5:00 PM, Auditorium 2, Georg Sverdrups hus, Moltke Moes vei 39

Videos of SPARK Norway teams

Simone Mester: Antibodies with long half-life give more efficient drugs   

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Gunnveig Grødeland: Influenza vaccine that can be rapidly produced to counter an emerging pandemic threat

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Jean-Luc Boulland: Restoration of a functional urinary bladder using cutting-edge technology

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What is SPARK?

  • Read what the SPARK Norway programme is all about and your benefits.

Call for projects

  • Annual calls where researchers from UiO and affiliated research groups at OUS or Ahus are welcome to apply.
  • The application deadline for the last call was 15 November 2018. A new call will be out in the fall 2019.


SPARK Norway is led by UiO:Life Science and supported by UiO's top management, Inven2 and OUS. Representatives from the clusters Oslo Cancer Cluster, The Life Science Cluster, Nansen Neuroscience Network, Norwegian Inflammation Network and Norway Health Tech as well as the Association of Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI), ShareLab and The Norwegian Medicines Agency are members of the SPARK Norway management team.

SPARK Norway is member of SPARK Global