SPARK Norway projects

UiO:Life Science's innovation programme SPARK Norway for health related life sciences has a portfolio of 17 teams.

Six teams January 2019–

Admitted in January 2019 after the second open call autumn 2018.

A novel vaccine technology platform

  • Project leader: Malin Bern, postdoc, Oslo University Hospital (OUS)
  • Team members: Jan Terje Andersen (UiO) and Inger Sandlie (UiO)

Human antibodies for therapeutic, selective Notch targeting in rheumatoid arthritis

  • Project leader: Guttorm Haraldsen, center leader (UiO)
  • Team members: Anita Kavlie, Stig Krüger and Katarzyna Marciniak

High-Performance Cyclotron Target for Gallium-68

mCAR: a universal approach for CART therapy against solid tumors

  • Project leader: Ida Jonson, postdoktor, OUS
  • Team members: Anders Tveita (OUS) and Marte Fauskanger, Inst. clin. med. (UiO) 

A biologic therapeutic for pulmonary fibrosis

  • Project leader: Ole Jørgen Kaasbøll, researcher, Inst. clin. med. (UiO)
  • Team member: Håvard Attramadal, Inst. clin. med. (UiO)

Novel treatment for heart failure

Six teams January 2018–

Admitted in January 2018 after the first open call autumn 2017.

A novel strategy to tailor the pharmacokinetics of IgA antibodies          

Tankyrase inhibition in cancer immune therapy                                     

  • Project leader: Jo Waaler, Faculty of Medicine, UiO
  • Team member: Stefan Krauss, (UiO and OUS)


Novel therapy for currently untreatable hypertension

Restoration of a functional urinary bladder using cutting-edge technology

Novel therapy for ischemic reperfusion injury                                        

IVF FitTM: Optimising in vitro fertilisation hormone dosage

Five teams December 2017–

Admitted in the pilot phase autumn 2017.

RACeR: Improvement of A Genetic Tool that Enhances Homology Dependent Gene Repair

Petomics: a commercial Norwegian microbiome service for performance animals and pets

  • Project leader: Pål Trosvik, UiO
  • Team member: Eric Jacques de Muinck

Influenza vaccine that can be rapidly produced to counter an emerging pandemic threat

Targeted pharmacological treatment of ventricular arrhythmias

Healthy soils for a healthy life

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