Oslo Life Science 15th–17th February 2017 

– Building the Life Science City

The 2nd conference hosted by UiO:Life Science and partners for all of you who are interested in research, education, innovation, business and politics in life sciences.

The Oslo Life Science Conference is over for now. You can see pictures, watch videos and download presentations from the main day in the University Aula 16th of February.

Thanks to all of you who attended, we hope to see you again at the Oslo Life Science Conference in 2018.

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15th February

– the partnering day "Partnership4Life" for businesses and academia 
– location: the Oslo Science Park
– host: LMI and their partners

16th February

– the main conference day with perspectives from academia, businesses and politics
– location: the University Aula downtown 
– reception in the Oslo City Hall
– hosts: UiO:Life Science, LMI, Oslo University Hospital and the City of Oslo

17th February

– for researchers at UiO and the surroundings that will be impacted by the planned life science building at UiO
– location: Blindern Campus
– host: UiO:Life Science

        Logos the four main organizers