Oslo Life Science 2017 – Day 1

–  Program 15th February 2017 – Partnership4Life

This day is meant for businesses that want to partner up with academia and vice versa.

Mingling from 11:30

12:00–15:15 Part I – Norwegian life science industry outlook

Moderator: Tom Pike, Life science industry professional

12:00 –12:10 Opening address

Karita Bekkemellem,CEO, Legemiddelindustrien

12:10–12:50 Rising innovation – things are happening in Norway!

Pitches from startups, incubators and investors
(In English)

Presenting companies:

  • Vaccibody, AgnetheFredriksen, CSO
  • Nordic Nanovector, Tone Kvåle, CFO
  • Phoenix Solutions,
  • Per Christian Sontum, CEO
  • Oncoinvent, an Allan Alfheim, CEO
  • Aleap, Erling Nordbø, CEO
  • SarsiaSeed, Øivind Enger, Partner Inv. Advisor

12:50–14:10 Policies & resources – How to generate investments and growth

International leaders give their views on the implications of the new industry business model
(In English)

Keynote speakers:

  • Dieter Ziegler, Dir. Search & Evaluation,Europe, AbbVie
  • Jan-OlofJacke, CEO Astra Zeneca AB
  • Oliver Rittgen, CEO Bayer Nordic
  • Tine Hartmann Nilsen, Invest in Denmark

14:10–14:45 Policies & resources – Plenary discussion

(In English)


  • Kristin Ørmen Johnsen, Member of Parliament, The Conservative Party of Norway
  • Ingvild Kjerkhol, Member of Parliament,The Norwegian Labour Party
  • Keynote speakers

14:45–15:15 Refreshments

15:15–18:00 Part II – How can we turn public health data and research into business?

Moderator: Tom Pike, Life science industry professional

15:15 –16:35 Partnerships for growth and better health

The Norwegian Health and Care strategy, HO21, depicts the ambitions for public private partnerships in order to achieve better health, excellent research and business development. Industry, academia and public sector will present best practices and opportunities to fulfill this ambition.
(In Norwegian)

Keynote speakers:

  • Camilla Stoltenberg, Chair of HO21-Advisory Board
  • Anders Mälarstig, Director Human Genetics, Pfizer Global
  • Tom Hemming KarlsenProfessor, Faculty of Medicine, UiO

16:35–17:00 Short break

17:00–17:30 Health data and commercial use/exploration

(In Norwegian)

Keynote speakers:

  • Roar Olsen, Div.Dir., The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth
  • Espen Enerly, Researcher, Cancer Registry of Norway

17:30–18:00 Concluding remarks – Where do we go from here?

Comments from presenters and audience
(In Norwegian)

18:00–21:00 Part III – Networking & fingerfood


LMI, The Life Science Cluster, AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Bayer, DNB and the Embassy of Denmark
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