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Life Sciences - summer research projects celebrated with exhibition and poster prizes

Forty students have gained work experience from a research project with a scholarship from UiO:Life Science this summer. The summer projects concluded with an exhibition and selection of the best academic and popular science poster.

Bildet kan inneholde: plakatøkt, plakat.
The prize winner for best academic poster, Mari Helene Knapstad together with director of UiO:Life Science, Carl Henrik Gørbitz. Photo: Torunn Vistnes Espe, UiO:Life Science.
Winner of best popular science poster, Benedicte Storvik Nordhagen. Photo: Private.

Prize for best academic and popular science posters

This year, due to the corona situation, there was no joint graduation event for the students. A poster exhibition was set up at Georg Sverdrup's hus where it was possible to vote for the best poster. In addition, a jury consisting of UiO:Life Science' own research fellows and postdocs assessed the posters on the basis of academic quality. The poster that received the most votes was made by biology student Benedicte Storvik Nordhagen who had her project at the Department of Biology. The best academic poster was made by Mari Helene Knapstad, also a biology student, who had her summer project at the Natural History Museum.

Provides experience across faculty and study programmes

The initiative with a summer project for life science students was implemented for the first time in 2018. In 2020, more than half of the students had a project at a faculty other than the one where they have their study affiliation. Even more have had projects in a field other than their study programme.  

A new announcement will be made around the turn of the year

The initiative with the summer project is planned to be continued in 2021. Information about the next announcement will be posted at the end of December or the beginning of January. Read more about the application process in 2020.


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About the life science summer research projects 

One of the tasks of UiO:Life Science is to recruit, educate and develop talented students. The summer research project for students is part of this work.

The aim of the summer research projects is to provide the students with practical experience of real research that addresses a social challenge within health or environment. It is also desirable that the projects provide the students with insight into interdisciplinary research.

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