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Seven convergence environments will solve challenges related to health and environment

Man-made pollutants, the peculiar immune system of codfish, embryonic development, personalised cancer therapies, human genetic history and new technologies to handle both disease and pollutants. This will be studied in seven new convergence environments at the University of Oslo.

UiO:Life Science funds seven convergence environments – interdisciplinary research groups that will solve grand challenges related to health and environment.

The seven convergence environments

  • Combining natural and social sciences to understand and manage global anthropogenic toxicants (AnthroTOX)
  • Epigenetics and bioethics of human embryonic development
  • Programmable Cell-like Compartments
  • Comparative immunology of fish and humans (COMPARE)
  • Organ on a chip and nano-device (CHIP)
  • Personalised cancer therapies (PERCATHE)
  • The genetic history of Eastern Eurasia (ARCH-GEN) 



UiO:Life Science

UiO:Life Science is an interdisciplinary strategic area that will strengthen quality and interaction in research; recruit, educate and develop talents; and promote innovation in the life sciences related to environment and health.

research and education building that is planned for completion in 2023, is an important part of the initiative.

By Norunn K. Torheim
Published May 5, 2017 10:13 AM - Last modified May 5, 2017 10:14 AM