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Live Chat

What is Live Chat?

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  • UiO's chat solution if you want to get in touch with UiO.
  • Allows you to get in direct contact with caseworkers during the solution's opening hours between 10-15.
  • The chat solution does not require you to identify yourself, and therefore only publicly available information can be answered on chat.
  • Caseworkers can also help you forward the inquiry to the right contact point for answering.
  • UiO's Live Chat solution is located on UiO's website where the service is available. Live Chat can be an extension of UiO's chatbot, and the caller will then be transferred to Live Chat if the Chatbot cannot answer the request.

You can contact the following service centers with Live Chat

Getting started

No personal information shall be provided in UiO's chat solutions (live chat and chatbot).

What can be stored in Live Chat?


Guides for those who contact us with the live chat solution, as well as for operators and managers. (Norwegian only)

Who do I contact?

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