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Setting up Eduroam

Here we will show you how to connect to uioguest in order to connect to the main network at UiO, Eduroam.

NB! Changes have been made to the log in procedure at UiO. If you are having problems logging in to eduroam, follow this guide, or go to

If you have a UiO username and password and you want to connect your computer to the wireless network at UiO for the first time, you have to initially choose the network "uioguest". This will lead you to a page that will tell you how to connect to the wireless network you should use at UiO; Eduroam.

This guide only has to be used the first time you log in to eduroam.

Setting up a connection to eduroam by using uioguest

If you have Internet access through 4G or similar, you do not need to connect to uioguest. For Android, follow these instructions. 

  • Android: Connect to the Internet with 4G and go to Play Store to download the "eduroam CAT" app. If you see more than one app with this name, select the one published by GEANT Association. Open the app and follow the instructions to configure Eduroma access. Remember to give your user name as your UiO user name followed by @uio (example:, where username should be substituted by your real UiO username.) 

For Windows, OS X and iOS (iPhone/iPad), please find instructions here:

  1. Open up the menu where you choose your wireless network.
    • Windows: Click on the symbol for wireless networks on the bottom right of your screen.
    • OS X: Click on the symbol for wireless networks in the menu on the top of your screen.
    • iPhone/iPad: Open up the settings or preferences, and find the wireless connection.
  2. Choose the network "uioguest" and connect. It is possible you will get a notification that information you send may be visible for others. Connect anyway. This network will only be used for setting up eduroam. Click "Connect", but make sure that the "connect automatically" box is not checked.
  3. Open up a browser. This will send you to the guest portal page. Find and click "If you need to set up your client for eduroam click here".
  4. The browser will send you to This is a web page where all eduroam institutions can go to connect to eduroam. Choose the University of Oslo as your home institution.
  5. Select your operating system version from the list below. Usually, the browser will recognize which platform you are using and will give you a list of versions. If for any reason, the page shows you the wrong operating system, choose the right one by clicking the icon for your platform on the right side.
  6. Click on the configuration profile that appears when you click on the version.
  7. Start the installation wizard. If a notification asks you if you really want to run this program, click "run".
  8. The eduroam installer should now open. Click "next".
  9. The installer will tell you that it has been prepared for the University of Oslo. Click "next".
  10. Log in by typing your username in the form of "" and your uio password. The password must be given twice. If you do not type after your username, you will not gain access to the eduroam network. Click "install".
  11. Follow the guidelines and the process is done. The next time you are at the University of Oslo, you will automatically connect.

NB: It may be a good idea to delete "uioguest" from your known networks. This will ensure that you always connect to eduroam first, and not uioguest.

Published Oct. 14, 2016 1:20 PM - Last modified Apr. 24, 2020 9:20 AM