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How to make a PDF-file

What is a PDF?

PDF is a platform-independent, open file format designed specifically for document exchange. Learn how to open PDFs and use them online.

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Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the most well-known program for creating and processing PDF files. At UiO's Program Kiosk ( for Windows users, for Mac users), you as a student or employee can log in and use Adobe Acrobat. You to have a UiO username and password. Log in to UiO's Application Kiosk for your platform and click on the Adobe Acrobat icon to open the application.

  • To convert a document, open the Create menu in Adobe Acrobat and select PDF from file. Navigate to the document you want to convert and click Open and the conversion will start. When the conversion is complete, open the File menu and select where you want to save the PDF document you created.
  • To edit a PDF, select Open from the File menu in Adobe Acrobat and navigate to the PDF you want to edit. Select actions from the menus. If you are not sure how to process the file, you can choose Help from the Help menu.


To convert a Word document to PDF, select the option Save as, and after selecting the place you want to save the file, select PDF as format from the Save as type menu..

If you do not have this option in your version of Word, you use the method above, you use Adobe Acrobat at

Mac OS X

On any Mac with Mac OS X, you can create a PDF from any document produced on the machine. Open the document you want to convert, select Print from the File menu, and click the Save as PDF button. Keep in mind that the ability to create PDF documents also exists in other software, such as Word, Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop.

Open Office

In Open Office, you can quickly and easily create a PDF version of your document by clicking the PDF icon in the toolbar. For advanced PDF settings, select Export as PDF from the File menu. Click the Help button at the bottom of the window if you want more information about the different settings.

LaTeX to PDF and ps (postscript)

See information on converting from LaTeX to ps and PDF in the "St√łtteprogrammer" section of the LaTex document with friends (the document belongs to the Department of Informatics)

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