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Alternative two-factor authentication methods on mobiles, computers and with code generator

If you can't or won't use Microsoft Authenticator for two factor identification, you must use one of the other methods approved by the head of IT security.

Alternative mobile app

You may use Google Authenticator for two-factor identification at UiO.

See the guide for setting up two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator.

Use your computer instead of mobile phone

If you do not want to use your mobile phone for two-factor identification, you can use Authy or Enpass on your computer. You must then bring your computer to use two-factor identification for UiO-services.

See user manual for set up with Enpass.

See user manual for set up with Authy.

Other options

It is possible to use SMS for two-factor identification, but with less security. You might receive fraud text messages.

See user manual for two-factor identification with SMS.

Code generator

If you can't use a mobile phone for authentication from and must use two-factor authentication from lecturing computers or other computers on which you can't install software, you can get a code generator.

Contact Helpdesk to get a code generator.

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