Budget and cost of living

Norway is an expensive country and it takes a while getting used to the high cost of living.  As a student you will need a minimum of approximately NOK 11 500 per month in order to cover basic expenses.


To give you an idea of the living expenses for a student in Norway, we have put together a modest budget for one semester (all numbers are approximate):

  • Housing: NOK 19 000
  • Food: NOK 17 500
  • Books & Supplies: NOK 5000
  • Transportation: NOK 3500
  • Other expenses: NOK 12 500

Total for 5 months: NOK 57 500

During your first semester you must be prepared to use a substantial amount of money for setting up your household and for buying suitable clothing for the Norwegian climate.

A Student's Food Guide

Contains a guide to different grocery stores, some simple recipies and a food dictionary.

You can find the Food Guide here (pdf)

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