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The University's buildings are spread out over several parts of Oslo. The main campus, Blindern, is located on the western outskirts of the city centre, and most of the faculties are located here. The Faculty of Law is located in the centre of Oslo.

Faculties and administration

At the main campus you will find the administration for The Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Theology. The central administration for the University is also located at the main campus.

The University of Oslo’s original campus is located in the city centre, and here you find the Faculty of Law. 

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Libraries and book shop

There are several university libraries on campus. There is also a book store, Akademika, where you can buy all the books and study materials for your courses in Kristian Ottosens hus (map).

Welfare services

On Blindern campus you will find student and employee welfare services and student organisations, and several shops and cafeterias.

Shops and cafeterias

At Blindern campus there are several student cafeterias where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just a coffee. The largest cafeteria, Frederikke, is located on the second floor of the Frederikke building.

In the Frederikke building there is also:

  • supermarket with post services,
  • hairdresser,
  • several smaller restaurants, among them a vegetarian pop up restaurant
  • yoghurt bar with coffee, sandwiches, cakes, etc..
  • Union371 - the student's new hang out at Blindern Campus

There are also several other coffee bars and cafterias on campus, see SiO Canteens and Coffeeshops

Career services

If you are looking for a part time job or if you are starting to plan for your career, you should visit the Career Centre, also located in the Fredrikke building.

How to get to campus

From the city centre you can easily get to campus Blindern by metro (T-bane) number 4 eller 5. The metro stops at Blindern and Forskningsparken.

You can also get to Blindern by tram number 17 or 18. The tram stops at Universitetet Blindern and Forskningsparken.

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Getting around at UiO

Read more about our buildings, see where to park your car, or where to find city bikes at our maps over university areas.

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