Student democracy

Students are by law ensured the right to partake in of all decisions that affect them at the University of Oslo. This means that students have at least 20% representation in all boards and councils at UiO.

The Student Parliament

The Student Parliament is the highest level of student representation at the University of Oslo. Its main goal is to improve student academic and social life at the University.

Representatives from the parliament are elected to:

  • The Executive Committee
    five persons from the Student Parliament form an executive committee. The committee works full time to realise the Student Parliament’s practical policies.
  • The Welfare Council
    is the highest student body for the Foundation for Student Life in Oslo (SiO). Nine different educational institutions, all part of SiO, elect representatives to the Welfare Council. The Welfare Council’s objectives are to secure good student welfare services and to participate in decisions about the use of semester fees and SiO’s prioritisations with respect to housing matters, training offers, health services, etc.

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Student Committee

Members of the Student Committee are elected by the students at each faculty and shall safeguard the students’ interests. The students are represented in all councils, boards and committees at the faculty.


  • Promote the students’ interests to the faculty leadership and other authorities
  • Take a coordinating role for all subject committees at the faculty

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee are associated with an institute, a study programme or a course. The Committee work on subjects that affect the students in their studies and are the link between the students and the institute. Contact the student council at your faculty for more information.


  • The professional and social environment
  • Evaluation of studies, critique of the studies, questions related to revisions of the curriculum, etc.

The National Union of Students in Norway

The National Union of Students in Norway (Norsk studentorganisasjon, or NSO in Norwegian) is the largest student organisation in Norway. It consists of 44 member unions from higher education institutions across the country, and represents approximately 200 000 students. The main goal of the National Union of Students in Norway is to ensure students’ academic, social and economic rights.

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