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Speak up about the learning environment

We strive for a safe and engaging learning environment and need feedback from you to improve. Tell us when you are satisfied or when something needs improvement. We ask you in particular to give notice of serious, critical issues.

About which issues can you speak up?

  • What you appreciate and would like UiO to do more of.
  • Bad aspects of your physical or social learning environment.
  • Harmful, dangerous, unethical or criminal offenses.
  • Bullying or sexual harassment.

Different ways of speaking up

Satisfied or dissatisfied? Feel free to say it directly to the person in question, to a manager or to the faculty's information center. You can also:

If you would like to speak up anonymously, you can contact the the ombud for students.

What happens when you speak up?

The learning environment contact at your faculty receives the case. How we follow up on the case depends on what it applies to.

Before speaking up about unacceptable behavior (harmful, dangerous, unethical or criminal offenses), we advise you to read about whistleblowing.