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Speak up about the learning environment

UiO takes its role in providing students with a safe and engaging learning environment very seriously. We encourage you to speak up when you are satisfied or see a way to improve something. We are especially interested in serious problems you may experience or observe in the learning environment at the university.

Whistleblowing – report a serious problem

Speak up regarding harmful, dangerous, unethical or illegal conduct that you have observed or are aware of. Examples of serious problems are pollution, fraudulent or unethical research, corruption, threats, bullying, or sexual harassment. You can report the situation at your faculty’s Learning Environment Contact or submit your report on a web form. Read about what you should know before making a report.

When something needs improvement

Speak up about things that you don’t like about the physical or social learning environment. Examples include faulty or defective rooms, an exclusionary social environment or disruptive behavior. We encourage you to resolve the issue in cooperation with the Student Representative and Learning Environment Contact at your institute. You can also submit a complaint via web form.

When you are satisfied

Has something inspired you? Would you like to see more of something you like in the UiO learning environment?  Your feedback can help us to decide which policies and programs are expanded and encouraged, and ultimately be a benefit to more students. You can choose to say something directly to the parties involved, the Learning Environment Contact, the Student Representatives, or submit your report via web form.

You can also let your faculty know about a particular learning environment or person who you believe deserves to be considered for the Learning Environment Prize.