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Compulsory activities at HF

You can no longer, as of October the 12th use self-notification when you are absent from compulsory activities or need extension of deadline for deliveries.

Absence from compulsory activities/postponement of deliveries

The requirement of formal documentation for valid absence from compulsory activities is re-introduced as of October the 12th.
Please note: If you are absent from compulsory physical attendance, you do NOT need any formal documentation, but you must fill in the online form below. 

For courses at IKOS (Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages) you need formal documentation also for all compulsory attendance.

If you attend courses at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (ILN), there is a self-declaration scheme in place for shorter extensions and absences (as it was pre-covid19). Please contact your course teacher, or student adviser, directly.

Online form: "Absence from compulsory activities".
Please note: You must give notice the same day as you are absent or the deadline for your delivery.

What are compulsory activities?

For many courses, UiO requires participation in the form of compulsory activities. These requirements are often a prerequisite for being allowed to sit for the examination.

Examples of compulsory activities may be submission of assignments, compulsory attendance at seminars, commenting on the work of other students or giving oral presentations

See each course page for information about compulsory activities in a specific course.

Complete guidelines for compulsory activities.

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