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Compulsory activities at HF

You can no longer, as of September the 1st use self-notification when you are absent from compulsory activities or need extension of deadline for deliveries.

Absence from compulsory activities/postponement of deliveries

The requirement of formal documentation for valid absence from compulsory activities is re-introduced as of September the 1st.

For courses at IKOS (Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages) you need formal documentation also for all compulsory attendance.

If you attend courses at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (ILN), there is a self-declaration scheme in place for shorter extensions and absences (as it was pre-covid19). Please contact your course teacher, or student adviser, directly.

The Department of Litterature, Area Studies and European Languages requires at least 60% attendance. This requirement is absolute. If you are attending courses at ILOS you can not apply for valid absence. You can apply for an extension for compulsory assignments.

For EXPHIL03, the requirement of at least 4 of the 6 first first seminars is absolute. You can not apply for valid absence.

Online form: "Absence from compulsory activities".
Please note: You must give notice the same day as you are absent or the deadline for your delivery.

What is valid absence?

Valid reasons for absence must be documented and include the following:

  • If you, or a person for whom you are the primary caretaker, are ill
  • Childbirth
  • Death of a close relative
  • Other substantial reasons outside of your own control

Other substantial reasons outside of your own control may include for instance military service, trials or political representation. High-level sports or cultural events may also be approved.

Nervousness, insomnia, traffic delays, private travel or the like do not entitle you to a postponed exam. Illness during the preparation period for the exam does not normally entitle you to a postponed exam. In the case of illness during the preparation period, you should consider applying for a leave of absence.

What is valid documentation

Valid documentation is a doctor's certificate, confirmation of birth / term or equivalent.

Medical certificates must have a signature and stamp from the doctor, or a digital signature, to be valid. The medical certificate must show the period and scope of the sick leave, and it must be clear from the certificate that you were ill at the time of the exam. If you have to withdraw during a school exam or a home exams with a duration of less than one day, the medical certificate must also be issued on the exam date.

A positive corona test can also be approved as documentation. You must take a PCR-test, UiO does not approve self tests/rapid tests. At you can select "Show printable page" and download the test answer as a pdf.

You upload the documentation in the web form. If you have documentation on paper, you can scan or take a picture of it. Keep the documentation until you have received an answer to your application.

What are compulsory activities?

For many courses, UiO requires participation in the form of compulsory activities. These requirements are often a prerequisite for being allowed to sit for the examination.

Examples of compulsory activities may be submission of assignments, compulsory attendance at seminars, commenting on the work of other students or giving oral presentations

See each course page for information about compulsory activities in a specific course.

Complete guidelines for compulsory activities.

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