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Compulsory activities at HF

UiO aims at giving students feedback during their studies. Therefore, we require your participation in various activities. Please note that in many of our courses you do not qualify for the final examination unless these requirements are fulfilled.

What activities?

The requirements necessary for sitting an examination may be:

  • Submission of assignments
  • Compulsory attendance at seminars
  • Commenting on the work of other students
  • Oral presentations

These are just a few examples of the various different requirements that may be stipulated. You yourself are responsible for ensuring that you keep up to date about whatever requirements apply to the different courses that you take. This information is available online under the course descriptions.

What are the consequences of failing to fulfill these requirements?

The consequence of failing to partake in or to pass compulsory tuition activities is that you will not be allowed to sit for the final examination.

What if you are ill?

In the event of illness, the same rules apply as regarding non-attendance at an examination. This means that you must submit documentation showing that your illness has prevented you from participation in the activity in question. You will then be given a new opportunity to fulfill the requirement, thus enabling you to sit your examination.


  • Same date as the day of absence or day of submission.
  • Valid documentation has to be delivered no later than three days after the deadline. 
  • The deadline will be forwarded to the next working day if it originally falls on a holiday/weekend.

Apply for a valid absence

Go to the application form.

Student taking courses at The Department for Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies?

Please contact your teacher or student counsellor

Will you have to undertake all the compulsory activities again if you fail your examination?

Most courses allow you carry over what you have completed during your course to the next two times the course in question is given. Some courses, however, will have different requirements and these will be stated in the course description.

Guidelines relating to compulsory activities

The faculty of Humanities' guidelines relating to compulsory activities


Contact The Student Information Centre at the faculty


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