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Special adaptation in everyday study

If you have a disability, illness or special needs then you are entitled to apply for special adaptation.

Who can apply?

Students with disability, illness or special needs can apply for special adaption for institution, teaching, teaching aids and exams.

Special needs involve physical, psychosocial and / or learning challenges of a temporary and significant nature.

Examples of special adaptations

What kind of provisions you may be granted depends on your needs and are be considered individually.

Examples of provisions UiO can offer:

  • Loan of technical aids
  • Reservation of study space in the reading room
  • Help to plan your studies and find possibilities for special tuition arrangements
  • Providing information to lecturers and supervisors about your special needs.

How to apply

Fill out this form if you wish to apply for special adaptation in your everyday study:

You can request for guidance before applying. If you need help to apply, contact your faculty for assistance. See an overview of contact points at the faculties.

Note that special adaptation for exams have a separate application form and deadline.  


You should apply for special adaptation as early as possible. This is especially if you are going to practice and the faculty must plan for facilitation well in advance.


You have to have a documentation from a doctor/consultant that describe the disadvantage your disability or special needs have in your everyday study.

Documentation from doctor/consultant will in most cased be enough. In cases where the doctor is not an expert in assessing disability or special needs, specialist declarations are relevant documentation.

For dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia, you must submit documentation from a speech therapist / specialist. The documentation can not be older than from high school. Contact you faculty if you don’t have a valid documentation. University of Oslo can send you to our collaborator to update your documentation by taking new reading and writing tests.

How your application is assessed

Applications for special adaption will be considered individually, based on the application, documentation and academic requirements in your study. University of Oslo can not grant special adaptation that changes the academic requirements in a study. The special adaption can not give the institution a disproportionate burden. There will therefore be some difference between faculties and study programs.

You will be notify by e-mail or mail when the application has been handled.

You have the right to appeal the faculty's decision on facilitation. The Central Appeals Committee at UiO is the appeal body in these cases.

Contact your faculty

Please contact your faculty as early as possible in the semester if you require facilitation of your everyday study situation.

For privacy reasons, you should not send sensitive information by email.


Special examination arrangements

If your disability or state of health results in substantial disadvantages in the examination situation, special examination arrangements can be made.

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