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Compulsory activities at the MN Faculty

Due to the ongoing situation with the corona virus, special rules apply regarding absence from compulsory activities in 2020.

What are compulsory activities?

Many courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MN) require student participation in the form of various activities. These requirements are often a prerequisite for being allowed to take an exam.

Compulsory activities include everything from submitting assignments, lab work and fieldwork, commenting on other students’ work or giving oral presentations. This also includes mandatory attendance at teaching.

See individual course pages for information regarding compulsory activities for each course.

Department-specific information

Self-notification when absent from a compulsory activity

If you are ill or have another valid reason to be absent from a compulsory activity during 2020, your absence may be approved if you submit a self-notification.

Self-notification means reporting to the department in charge of the course you are taking that you are unable to attend compulsory teaching activities, or that you need a deferred deadline for submitting compulsory assignments. You do not need to provide a medical certificate or other forms of documentation. If your absence is valid, the department in charge will notify you on how to carry out compulsory activities.

What is considered a valid absence?

Valid reasons for absence from a compulsory activity include the following:

  • If you, or a person for whom you are the primary caretaker, are ill.
  • Home quarantine or home isolation because of the corona virus.
  • Childbirth.
  • Death of a close relative.
  • Other weighty reasons outside of your own control.

Contact points at the departments

Contact the department in charge of the course you are taking for submission of a self-notification, and information regarding failure to complete compulsory activities.

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